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The Hard Choice

A Novel by Danny Breeden

This is the story of Joe, a poor middle-aged block mason from Appalachia who decided to try his hand at a life of crime. He wasn't cut out to be a bank robber or thief. However, when his cousin John returned to town with stories of the huge amount of money being made in the marijuana cultivation business Joe was intrigued to say the least.

The Hard Choice chronicles seven years of Joe's life as he stumbles through the sometimes unglamorous world of a pot grower. Joe's story exposes the human side of this shady business. If you have ever been curious about marijuana cultivation, or wondered why any “normal” person would want to try this, then The Hard Choice may offer you some answers.

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History of Marijuana

Marijuana has been used throughout history by many diverse cultures. It is purported to have effects ranging from increasing creativity to possibly invoking mystical experiences. Some primitive tribes of India, Africa and South America used marijuana in their religious ceremonies. The ancient Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans also found the drug useful to help control indigestion, reduce pain and to treat muscle spasms.

Marijuana is popular today because of the mind-altering drug Tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC” that it contains. Marijuana is believed to be second only to alcohol as the drug-of-choice for “recreational drug” users.

“Pot,” the common name for marijuana, is most often smoked in pipes or rolled in cigarette paper to make a “joint.” It can also be taken orally in beverages or foods, such as brownies. At one time the majority of our “Pot” was smuggled into the United States from other countries such as Colombia, Mexico or Jamaica.

Today, more and more of the market share of Marijuana used in this country is produced within our own borders. Professional criminals do not normally make up this new generation of “Pot growers.” More often as not they are just your average “Joe” types,
who happen to be down on their luck.

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The Hard Choice is a book by Danny Breeden about marijuana cultivation in Appalachia.